March Rudolph Club Meeting

Rudolph Club

This Month's Focus: Birthday Gift-Buying Strategy!

Welcome to the Rudolph Club: your once-a-month meeting to simplify your holidays and get organized for Christmas!

At Organized Christmas, we know that the holiday season can be fast and furious. Solution? Take a day once each month throughout the year to plan and prepare for a more-organized holiday season.

On the 25th of each month, we'll bring simple assignments and easy tips to try now for a simpler, more joyous season. Over the year, you'll tackle planning and preparations to make the season lighter, brighter and less stressful come December.

March Assignment: Birthday Buying Strategy!

Buying holiday gifts can be overwhelming, so the Rudolph Club has an idea for you! Whenever you buy a birthday gift for a friend or loved one, buy their Christmas gift at the same time.

To make tracking birthdays easier throughout the year, add our Birthdays and Anniversaries tracker form to your Christmas notebook.

A Birthday Buying strategy has a lot to recommend it. Buying a birthday gift focuses attention on the recipient, so you're more likely to find just the right gift than when you hit stores in December with a long list and sore feet.

Buying year-round spreads the financial cost over a longer period. Finally, Birthday Buying is a low-stress way to accomplish holiday shopping without spending a lot of time "thinking Christmas" throughout the year. It's a natural for the Rudolph Club!

Care and Share: Stock Up On Cards

While we're thinking "birthday", why not bring some blessed organization to sending greeting and birthday cards? An organized home has a good supply of birthday cards, thank-you notes, get-well, sympathy and wedding cards on-hand. When it's easy to share friends' special days, or respond quickly to their challenges, we build strong bonds in our community and our lives.

This Rudolph Day, check your stockpile of notes and greeting cards. Do you need to replenish your supplies? Many families find it easy and cost-effective to purchase card assortments to have on-hand in Card Central; check warehouse stores or greeting-card catalogs for inexpensive card packs.

Reminder: Holiday Letter Entry

In February, those of us who write holiday letters began a Rudolph Day activity: noting the month's high points in a notebook or computer file.

If you're a letter-writer, take a few minutes today to add to your holiday letter file. What special moments, jokes or accomplishments have occurred during the last 30 days? Don't worry about style--just note any happy or interesting events to jog your memory come November, when you'll write your holiday letter

Keep Up With The Gift Closet


In January's meeting, we dedicated a "gift closet"--a closet shelf, deep drawer, or an under bed storage box designated to hold bought-ahead holiday gifts.

Time for a quick inventory check! Have you added gifts this month? Record them on the free printable Gift Closet Inventory Form. It's a one-page reminder of what's tucked away for Christmas.

Frugal Finds: St. Patrick's Day and Easter Treats

Green is good--and never more so than on the post-St. Patrick's Day clearance table! Keep a frugal eye out for green linens and crafts materials on sale now.

With Easter on the horizon, other frugal finds will be popping up fast. Baskets, fillers, toys and crafts make great Christmas stocking stuffers, too.

Stock up now for the best prices--and record your treasures on the free printable Stocking Stuffer Inventory.