February Rudolph Club Meeting

February Rudolph Club Meeting

Begin a Holiday Letter!

Welcome to the Rudolph Club: your once-a-month meeting to simplify your holidays and get organized for Christmas!

At Organized Christmas, we know that the holiday season can be fast and furious. Solution? Take a day once each month throughout the year to plan and prepare for a more-organized holiday season.

On the 25th of each month, we'll bring simple assignments and easy tips to try now for a simpler, more joyous holiday season. Over the year, you'll tackle planning and preparations to make the season lighter, brighter and less stressful come December.

February Assignment: Begin A Holiday Letter!

Even the best writers among us can suffer from writer's block in November, when it's time to tackle an annual holiday letter or Christmas newsletter. Coming up with a good review of an entire year can be quite a chore, especially when so many other activities and tasks compete for attention during the busy pre-holiday season.

Solution: begin your holiday letter now. Open a file in any word processing program or mobile text app. Each Rudolph Day, jot down notes about the high points and special moments of the last month. Don't worry about editing or polishing these Rudolph Club entries: the goal is to gather the raw material for an annual review while it's still fresh and memorable.

If you include photos in in your annual newsletter, take a second prep step: designate a computer folder or photo box for special photos you may wish to include with your holiday letter. Tuck any promising photos away as you draft your "this month" letter entries. Come November, it will be easy to edit the whole into a sparkling holiday letter--and no writer's block!

Make a Plan for Christmas Cash

Extra cash is never more welcome than during the holiday season. Now's the time to begin to squirrel away a few extra dollars for December's Christmas cheer.

Check with your local bank; many financial institutions offer "Christmas Club" accounts that make saving easier. If not, begin your own Christmas Club by writing a check, however small, to yourself on the 25th of each month. Deducted from the running balance in your checking account, but not cashed, this practice can help create a welcome cash cushion for holiday expenses.

Keep Up With The Gift Closet

In January's meeting, we dedicated a "gift closet"--a closet shelf, deep drawer, or an under bed storage box designated to hold bought-ahead holiday gifts.

Time for a quick inventory check! Have you added gifts this month? Record them on the free printable Gift Closet Inventory Form. Your Gift Closet Inventory Form is a one-page reminder of what's tucked away for Christmas.

Frugal Finds: Valentine's Day Stocking Stuffers

Dentist-approved non-candy Valentine's Day treats have hit the clearance tables in the last ten days. Look sharp! "I Love You" goodies, stuffed animals, socks, hair ornaments and jewelry make great holiday stocking stuffers, classroom treats or items for "holiday" gift baskets.

Stock up now for the best prices--and record your treasures on the free printable Stocking Stuffer Form. Keeping notes in your Christmas holiday notebook keeps track of your growing stash of low-cost stocking stuffers!

Get Ready for St. Patrick's Day

Faith and begorrah: St. Patrick's Day is on the way! Celebrate with quick and easy printable crafts from Organized Christmas.

Popping to have a great St. Patrick's Day? Give family and friends a "poppin' good" welcome with a St, Patrick's Day Jiffy Pop Popcorn Topper gift.

Using our directions and printable St. Patrick's Day popcorn topper template, you can create an easy, inexpensive gift ... in a jiffy!

Looking for a silly gift? Try your hand at Leprechaun Poop. Our recipe use green jelly beans, Lucky Charms-brand cereal, or candy mints and free printable gift tags. It's an easy school or office gift:

How To Make A Jiffy Pop ® Popcorn Topper

How To Make Leprechaun Poop