Chocolate Oreo Bread Pudding


1 1⁄2 cup
2 quarts
light cream
16 slices
white bread
2 ounces
3-inch brownies, crumbled
6 ounces
hot fudge sauce
2 cups
oreos, crushed
cooking spray


Spray a 9 x 13 pan with cooking spray. Place 8 pieces of bread in the bottom.

In a mixing bowl, add the eggs, sugar and cream. Beat with a whisk. Add the brownies, 1 C. oreo crumbs, vanilla and hot fudge. Blend well.

Pour the cream mixture over the bread. Top with the remaining bread. Push down into the cream mixture until the bread is covered. Top with the remaining oreo crumbs.

Cover the pan. Bake at 375 F. for 55 minutes. Uncover and bake 15 minutes more or until center is set.

You can top this with ice cream, hot fudge, crushed oreos and whip cream.