Black Friday Creep: Will You Change Your Shopping Plans?

This year, major retailers are pushing the envelope when it comes to the opening time for post-Thanksgiving "Black Friday" sales. Termed "Black Friday creep", 2011 sees sale opening hours pushed back from Friday morning to Thanksgiving night.

With Macy's, Best Buy, Kohl's and Target* kicking off Black Friday sales at midnight Thanksgiving night, and Wal-Mart offering special 10:00 p.m. deals on Thanksgiving Day, many devoted Black Friday shoppers face a shopping dilemma.

The move is not without controversy.

Early opening hours mean Thanksgiving celebrations will be cut short in favor of long lines; retail employees will see their traditional holiday truncated as they're called in to work on Thanksgiving Day. Black Friday devotees with fine-tuned shopping schedules will be forced to revise plans to account for the earlier opening hours.

Where do you stand? Are you a Christmas Champ, or will you give Black Friday Creep the cold shoulder?