Printing Issues

Can I get all your printables in one single download?

In order to offer these resources for free, it's necessary to keep our expenses down, so we're not able to offer a single download file.

Any such file would be extremely large, burning through our bandwidth and causing download issues for many people. Since we have to watch both time and money very carefully to stay online and free, it's not an option at this time.

Can you make templates for 8 1/2 x 5 1/2 note books?

I'm sorry, Visitor--but our little two-person operation is maxxed out in terms of space, energy and bandwidth.

I don't see us being able to offer different page sizes for our forms at this time. We can't be everything to everybody--but should adequate funds and free time come along in the future, I'll look into it!


How do I print more than one copy of a page?

Syvilla, I'm not qualified to give tech support for printing issues--I'm not a computer expert, and all I can do is make the files available.

However, most of the time, when your browser pops up a "print" window, that window has an option to print multiple copies of the page. That would save you some steps.

There's no "one file" available to download all of these pages at once. It would be a VERY large download, and since I don't have anybody to help with tech support, I wouldn't be able to offer help for people who had trouble copying it.    Read More >>

How do I print a form that fills the whole page?

Click on the poem, underneath will be a link to a printable page, click in the green box- it opens it up full size! Then you can print.

The reason for this is, the image on the page is just a thumbnail, and is not intended for full page printing. Opening the .pdf file at the bottom of the page will give you a full-sized image that is optimized for printing.