Copyright and Republication

Can my non-profit group copy your printables for a program?

Our copyrighted materials are offered for personal use only, and may not be sold--but we're happy to grant republication permission to non-profit or church groups for use in classes, programs or functions.

Use our contact form to request a republication permission. Web site elves will get right back to you!

Can I put your articles on my blog or Facebook page?

Short answer: links are okay, but copying is not!

We're tickled that you love our content, but have to ask you not to republish it elsewhere on the Web. All of our articles, planner page and free printables are copyrighted, and may not be republished on blogs or social networking sites.

We love it when you link to us! Short teaser excerpts of 250 words or less, together with a link back to our site, are always welcome.