Advertising and Promotion

Do you publish guest posts or sell text links? does not sell text links or publish guest posts, sponsored posts, or SEO placement posts.

Selling text links violates Google's Webmaster agreement--and I prefer not to dilute this site and our message by publishing "articles for links" pieces.

To advertise on our site, we suggest Google Adwords' site-specific program. It's the easiest way to bring your client's product or site to the attention of our readers.

How do I advertise on your site?

All advertising on our site is sold through ad networks or the Google Adwords programs.

Our site does not sell advertising directly, join affiliate programs, or publish free marketing promotions.

Advertisers with more modest budgets can place ads on this site through the Google AdWords program. Through AdWords, advertisers can buy text links or image ads on our site by specifying a site-targeted campaign naming our site.    Read More >>