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Answer: no, we do not. While Organized Christmas offers a full range of free printable planner pages, this site does not offer apps or online planning tools.

Two reasons: time and money. This free site is operated by two people and run on a financial shoestring.

Offering mobile apps is way beyond our site's capacity. I'm a writer, not an app developer! To offer these products, I'd have to hire tech help to create them, solve issues of different file formats and operating systems, set up customer support options, and buy more server capacity.

Similarly, to provide online planning tools--and permit thousands of users to create accounts, log on frequently and store data--we'd need extensive server resources, hired tech help, and warm bodies on the payroll to handle customer service.

To do so, the site would have to move to a subscription model, charging monthly access fees. Similar sites charge anywhere from $10 to $25 per month, and we'd be no exception.

At the end of the day, I'd rather keep things free ... and simple.

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While we don't offer e-mail services directly (been there, done that, had my hair turn white!), there are several ways to follow Organized Christmas on the go.

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The Organized Christmas message boards closed in January, 2008, due to the retirement of our site owner.

Not to worry: content areas, including articles, stories and printable Christmas holiday organizers and forms, are still online and available to help you get organized for the holiday season.

Our copyrighted materials are offered for personal use only, and may not be sold--but we're happy to grant republication permission to non-profit or church groups for use in classes, programs or functions.

Use our contact form to request a republication permission. Web site elves will get right back to you!

Short answer: links are okay, but copying is not!

We're tickled that you love our content, but have to ask you not to republish it elsewhere on the Web. All of our articles, planner page and free printables are copyrighted, and may not be republished on blogs or social networking sites.

We love it when you link to us! Short teaser excerpts of 250 words or less, together with a link back to our site, are always welcome.

All advertising on our site is sold through ad networks or the Google Adwords programs.

Our site does not sell advertising directly, join affiliate programs, or publish free marketing promotions.

Advertisers with more modest budgets can place ads on this site through the Google AdWords program. Through AdWords, advertisers can buy text links or image ads on our site by specifying a site-targeted campaign naming our site.

Advertisers with larger budgets are welcome to contact our ad networks for information about ad buys on this site. does not sell text links or publish guest posts, sponsored posts, or SEO placement posts.

Selling text links violates Google's Webmaster agreement--and I prefer not to dilute this site and our message by publishing "articles for links" pieces.

To advertise on our site, we suggest Google Adwords' site-specific program. It's the easiest way to bring your client's product or site to the attention of our readers.

Love it! I'm always happy to speak with the press--and never happier than when talking about how to simplify the holiday season.

Get in touch with me via our contact form; I'll get right back to you.


As a working writer, I do not accept uncompensated writing assignments.

And while I wish other bloggers well, running this site network doesn't leave time for me take part in blog content exchanges.

In order to offer these resources for free, it's necessary to keep our expenses down, so we're not able to offer a single download file.

Any such file would be extremely large, burning through our bandwidth and causing download issues for many people. Since we have to watch both time and money very carefully to stay online and free, it's not an option at this time.

I love your templates, but my friends and I use the Junior notebooks and when we shrink the templates, it's too small. Please format for the Junior notebooks.

I'm sorry, Visitor--but our little two-person operation is maxxed out in terms of space, energy and bandwidth.

I don't see us being able to offer different page sizes for our forms at this time. We can't be everything to everybody--but should adequate funds and free time come along in the future, I'll look into it!


I would like to make both the Adult Journal In A Jar and the Child's Version. I've tried printing out the slips to do so and find it extremely difficult. I can only print one page at a time and then have to go back to the original page to repeat. What am I doing wrong? Also is there any way I can order the entire package that I can then re-print on my printer at a inexpensive cost? I think it is a very worthwhile activity and would like to give them to others.
Thank You

Most of the time, when your browser pops up a "print" window, that window has an option to print multiple copies of the page. That would save you some steps.

As for downloading all the forms in one file, we don't offer an option to download all of these pages at once. It would be a VERY large download, and since I don't have anybody to help with tech support, I wouldn't be able to offer help for people who had trouble copying it.

Just one of those "get what you pay for" deals. As a free site run by one person, it's not possible to provide this kind of help.


Boo Poem and sign printing problem. I cannot get them to print a full 8/11 page. What am I missing?

Click on the poem, underneath will be a link to a printable page, click in the green box- it opens it up full size! Then you can print.

The reason for this is, the image on the page is just a thumbnail, and is not intended for full page printing. Opening the .pdf file at the bottom of the page will give you a full-sized image that is optimized for printing.