Cupid Poop: Valentines Day Gag Gift

Cupid Poop Poem

Valentine tricksters, take note ... it's Cupid Poop! Surprise your Valentine with this easy gag gift.

Making Cupid Poop is as easy as placing a handful of candy hearts, seasonal marshmallows, or red jelly beans in a small zipper food storage bag.

Seal and label with a free printable Cupid Poop gift tag or bag topper, or handwrite a tag using the poem below.

Cupid Poop Poem

I couldn't send you flowers
And candy wouldn't do.
Romantic cards just didn't say
The things I wanted to.

I got you something special
And here's the inside scoop.
It's very rare and magical:
A bag of Cupid Poop!

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Cupid Poop Bag Topper

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