Easy Craft Gift: Jiffy Pop® Popcorn Toppers

Jiffy Pop Popcorn Topper

It's a craft gift that's hot, fresh and easy to make: customized "popcorn topper" labels for pop-in-pan popcorn.

Better known as Jiffy Pop®, this perennial kids' treat is even more fun when spiffed up with a cheerful message and given as a gift for holidays, seasons or special occasions.

Free printable templates make it easy to make and give Jiffy Pop® Popcorn Toppers for holiday gifts throughout the year.

Use them for teacher gifts, secret sister exchanges or home teaching presents--and they're simple enough for children to make.

With templates for holidays around the year, it's a quick treat for all occasions!


Separate the popcorn ring

Carefully uncrimp pan edges to remove popcorn label and ring handle.

Print a popcorn topper template

Print a copy of our free printable popcorn topper template (see links below).

Measure template against popcorn label

Measure template against popcorn label, and trim template to fit.

Glue topper template to popcorn label

Glue template to the front of popcorn label.

Carefully return label to pan, inserting label edges gently into pan lip.

Replace ring handle

Replace ring handle, and gently re-crimp pan edges into place.

Decorate completed popcorn craft

Decorate finished topper with ribbon, bows or gift tags.

Find Supplies

Locate a Jiffy Pop® seller near you, using Conagra Foods' product information page:

Jiffy Pop® Product Locator.


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Printable Popcorn Topper Templates

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Thanksgiving Popcorn Topper Template
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St. Patrick's Day Popcorn Topper Template
4th of July Popcorn Topper Template

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