Print, Cut, Celebrate: Cupcake Pan Advent Calendar

Cupcake Pan Advent Calendar

Count down the days to Christmas with this easy printable craft: a cupcake pan Advent calendar!

Using a 24-count mini-cupcake pan as a base, colorful magnets printed on inkjet magnet sheets hide a treat for each December day before Christmas.

Best, free printable magnet designs make it easy to create this holiday craft project. Choose your favorite design to create a quick family tradition!

Our photo tutorial will have you crafting your cupcake pan advent calendar in record time. Print, cut and celebrate!

Make a Cupcake Pan Advent Calendar

Earlier this fall, I spotted a clever and creative Halloween countdown calendar made from a cupcake pan by blogger Kristine at USMC Life. (Don't miss her new Christmas Advent Calendar for more inspiration!)

Much as I loved this project, I wondered. Could we make it simpler by harnessing printer power? Enter printable magnet sheets: they make it easy to create a pretty holiday decoration ... fast!

Materials and Supplies

To craft your cupcake pan advent calendar, you'll need:

Inkjet Magnet Sheets

We'll use inkjet magnet sheets to create 24 magnets for our advent calendar. Find these at the link above; for this project, I used the house brand available at Staples office supply stores.

Inkjet magnet sheets are thicker than paper or cardstock, so you'll want to read instructions carefully to use them with your inkjet printer.

24-cup Mini Cupcake Pan

A 24-cup mini cupcake pan serves as the base of our calendar. A clutter-fighting bonus: since we won't be altering the pan to create our advent calendar, it's fine to use the same pan that bakes treats year-round. Just return it to the cabinet when the season is over ... until next year!


Print Advent Calendar Magnets
To begin, print your favorite magnet set from the printable advent calendars at the bottom of the page. Each calendar will take two inkjet magnet sheets, with 12 images per sheet.

To make your own calendar printable, use desktop publishing software to create an image set. Depending on your particular pan, you'll need magnets that are between 2 1/4-inch to 2 3/8-inch square. (Our printables, printed at full size, are designed to be 2.4 inches square.)

Gather tiny treats to fill 24 cups. Our calendar uses holiday-colored Rolos-brand chocolate candies; other candies that fit include individually wrapped Lifesavers-brand candies. Consider alternate treats such as rolled up Scripture verses, tiny ornaments to decorate a tabletop tree, or Lego-brand toys needed to create a holiday-themed construction.

Cut Magnet Sheets Apart

Cut apart the magnet sheets. A personal paper trimmer makes it easy to create sharp, straight cuts ... but a pair of scissors works, too!

Apply Magnets

Arrange the trimmed magnets on the pan, mixing and matching patterns for a pretty design.

Use a Corner Rounder For A Polished Look

An optional touch creates a polished look: use a scrapbooker's corner rounder punch to create rounded corners on your advent calendar magnets.

Cupcake Pan Advent Calendar

Your cupcake pan advent calendar is ready to display!

Use a Picture Frame Stand to Display your Advent Calendar

How will you display your advent calendar? Some cupcake pans include a hole for hanging; if so, thread a pretty ribbon through the opening to create a hanger.

We wanted to use our pan in the kitchen after the season, so we've mounted it on a simple picture frame stand.

The Finished Cupcake Pan Advent Calendar

Have fun!

Printable Advent Calendars

Cupcake Pan Advent Calendar - Golden Page 1
Cupcake Pan Advent Calendar - Golden Page 2
Cupcake Pan Advent Calendar - Stamps Page 1
Cupcake Pan Advent Calendar - Stamps Page 2
Cupcake Pan Advent Calendar - Retro Page 1
Cupcake Pan Advent Calendar - Retro Page 2
Cupcake Pan Advent Calendar - Colorful Page 1
Cupcake Pan Advent Calendar - Colorful Page 2

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