Candy Cane Soup: Tutorial for Hot Chocolate In A Cone

Candy Cane Soup

Ready to give a Christmas spin to a seasonal favorite, Snowman Soup?

Try Candy Cane Soup, layered hot chocolate in a cone!

A larger gift than single-packet Snowman Soup, Candy Cane Soup layers three or four servings of hot chocolate mix, fixings and a candy cane packaged in cone-shaped treat bags or disposable cake decorating bags.

Package this family-sized stocking stuffer in gift bags, add to movie gift baskets, or pair with a plate of Christmas cookies for an easy seasonal gift.

Choose your favorite printable gift tag to makes your handmade holiday gift sparkle!


Hot Chocolate in a Cone Ingredients

For each Candy Cane Soup cone treat, you'll need:

Each packet of Candy Cane Soup will make approximately 4 8-ounce cups of hot chocolate.


1. Package hot chocolate mix. To make it easier to fill and package cone bags, insert them inside a tall, narrow drinking glass, votive or vase. Fold the cuff of the bag down over the lip of the glass,

Add hot chocolate mix to bag:

Stand bag on end in narrow drinking glass

Remove cone bag containing hot chocolate mix, and secure with twist tie. This bag will be placed inside the second bag to hold the hot chocolate mix securely. Trim ends of bag to 1 inch:

Inner bag holds hot chocolate mix

2. Package candy treats and marshmallows. Place the second cone bag inside the glass, and fold down the top around the glass rim.

Place the sealed bag of hot chocolate mix inside the second bag, then layer chocolate chips or candies over the top, followed by marshmallows:

Layer candies and marshmallows

3. Secure cone and decorate. Remove the filled bag from the glass, and use the chenille stem to secure the cone around the contents. Twist ends of chenille stem around a candy cane or peppermint stick:

Add chenille tie and candy cane

Add a Candy Cane Soup gift tag, if desired. Tie, twirl or spiral ends of chenille stems for a decorative effect.

Printable Candy Cane Soup Gift Tags

Candy Cane Soup Gift Tags - Blue
Candy Cane Soup Gift Tags - Red

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