Blessings Mix Tutorial: Make Seasonal Gift Mix Treats

Blessings Mix Tutorial

Have you shared your blessings with a Blessings Mix?

Small bags of snack mix with a seasonal theme, each ingredient in Blessings Mix reminds us of our blessings.

Inexpensive and easy to make, holiday Blessings Mix gifts have graced dinner tables, classrooms and offices the world around.

Use them as table favors, workplace gifts or party treats at Thanksgiving, Christmas, or to celebrate American holidays such as Independence Day or Veterans Day--and bring home the values that underlie each occasion.

Follow our tutorial below to make this easy craft gift:

How to make Blessings Mix

Gather your ingredients: small twisted pretzels, Bugles brand snack mix, raisins or dried fruits, nuts, seasonal candies such as candy corn, M&Ms brand chocolate candies, and Hershey's brand chocolate kisses.

Blessing mix ingredients

NOTE: specific Blessings Mix ingredients may differ slightly, depending on which seasonal variation you're making.

Gently combine all ingredients except Hershey's brand chocolate kisses in large bowl:

Mix ingredients in large bowl

Place approximately 1/3 cup snack mix in clear party bags, cone-shaped treat bags or small zipper storage bags.

Add a single Hershey's brand chocolate kiss to each gift bag.

Tip: to make it easier to fill treat bags, stand bags or cones on end in a tall straight drinking glass. Turn the bag tops down over the outside of the glass, and fill with snack mix:

Fill glass with treat mix

Seal bags or cones with twist tie, raffia, ribbon or chenille stem, and attach free printable gift tags or bag toppers:

Attach gift tag to treat bag

To apply double-sided bag toppers, fold down edges of bag and secure with tape or a staple. Score bag toppers along center line and fold in a tent shape. Attach to Blessings MIx bag topper with adhesives or staples:

Staple bag toppers to snack bag

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