How Do I Join The Countdown?

Christmas Countdown 2019

How do you join the Countdown? It's a simple as visiting this web site ... and it's free!

There are three main components to our six-week Christmas organizing plan: a free printable Christmas planner, week-by-week assignments, and daily Countdown messages.

Make a Christmas Planner

The first step is to designate a Christmas planner: a simple 3-ring notebook stocked with Christmas organizing forms, calendars and checklists.

During the first week of the Countdown, you'll print most of the Christmas organizing forms as you go, but many people prefer to get a head start. Visit the Printables page to create your Christmas planner.

Begin with the Countdown calendar. It outlines the themes for each week of the Countdown. Add printable monthly calendars to your notebook. They'll form the backbone of your family's holiday planning.

Follow Weekly Assignments

Next, become familiar with each week's forms and assignments. Learn more about how the Countdown's six weekly themes will help you organize holiday gift-buying, cleaning, cooking, holiday cards and decorating.

While many families prefer to follow the Countdown as designed, the week-by-week format allows for flexibility. Make the plan yours! Using the six-week Countdown framework as a guide, it's easy to stretch, shift or shorten the Countdown to meet the unique needs of your family.

Stay Motivated With Daily Reminder Messages

Each day during the Countdown, we'll post a daily message with assignments, essays, links, recipes, and craft ideas on the Christmas Countdown home page. You'll read an inspiring message to set the holiday mood, and find links to the day's assignments, printable forms, craft and recipe ideas.

Being reminded each day of assigned Countdown tasks, you'll stay motivated, so make it easy to follow the Countdown day-by-day.

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