Christmas Countdown

2018 Christmas Countdown Calendar

Ready to join the Christmas Countdown? Working together over six weeks from late October to early December, we'll prepare for the holiday season with daily messages, weekly assignments, encouragement and fun.

Your road map begins with the Countdown calendar. Setting out each week's focus, it'll keep you motivated and on track to an organized Christmas. Print yours today to be ready for Christmas:

Print A Christmas Countdown Planner

Are you ready to get organized for Christmas with the Christmas Countdown?

The first step along the Countdown path is to designate a Christmas planner: a simple 3-ring notebook stocked with Christmas organizing forms, calendars and checklists.

During the first week of the Countdown, you'll print most of the Countdown planner forms, but many people prefer to get a head start. The links below will take you to all the Countdown checklists, inventories and forms.    Read More >>

Cut the Crazy: Choose a Holiday Plan

What's the best road to calm and joyous holidays? It's all about the plan!

Preparing for Christmas with the help of a step-by-step plan makes quick work of seasonal chores, and leaves plenty of time, energy--and money!--to celebrate the season. Which plan is right for you? Check out these options to get ready for a stress-free Christmas:    Read More >>

How Do I Join The Countdown?

How do you join the Countdown? It's a simple as visiting this web site ... and it's free!

There are three main components to our six-week Christmas organizing plan: a free printable Christmas planner, week-by-week assignments, and daily Countdown messages.

Make a Christmas Planner

The first step is to designate a Christmas planner: a simple 3-ring notebook stocked with Christmas organizing forms, calendars and checklists.    Read More >>

Christmas Countdown Bible Study

[This bible study was contributed by Organized Christmas community member, Heather. Enjoy!]

Christmas is my favorite time of year. I love all aspects of it; the decorations, gift giving, all the food and just the fact that people seam to be more cheerful and kinder to each other. However, a few years ago I felt so strangled by the hustle and bustle of the season, that I felt like I had totally missed the boat on the true meaning of the seasons. As a young, Christian mother, I didn't want my kids to grow up with a superficial view of the holidays. In my honest opinion, you cannot have Christmas, without Christ.

In my search to better prepare for the holidays, I stumbled across Organized Christmas. I fell in love with all planning and discussion groups. I am not an organized person by nature, though I try to/dream of being one. When time rolled around for me to host our women's bible study at church, I really wanted to share with them what I had been learning about preparing for the holidays. So I decided to incorporate the Christmas Countdown into a bible study.    Read More >>

About the Christmas Countdown

Christmas. The holidays. Chances are, those words send happy images straight to your heart!

Children's faces, breathless with wonder and delight. Shining lights on a beautifully trimmed Christmas tree.

Delicious scents of fresh cookies and hot cider. A bounty of gifts, wrapped and beribboned. The cheerful hubbub of family members gathered from far-flung homes.    Read More >>