Christmas Countdown: A Note From The Author

Organized Christmas countdown

Welcome to the Christmas Countdown! I'm Cynthia Ewer, your author and guide.

As editor of Web site OrganizedHome.Com, and author of The Complete Idiot's Guide to Getting Organized Fast-Track and Cut the Clutter: A Simple Plan for a Clean and Organized Home, I've helped thousands of people find their way to better home and personal organization.

The Christmas Countdown is my special guide to simplify your holidays, cut holiday stress and get organized for the holiday season.

Over the years, I've come to learn the rhythm of the holiday season as lived by thousands of real families, families just like yours.

I know that many of us don't think seriously about holiday preparation until the last full week in October. When we do, it's with a sense of panic. I know that most of us are searching for holiday craft ideas in November, even though the stores sold out of Christmas craft kits back in July. I know the pressure of the first week in December, when everyone, even the most die-hard procrastinator, must get serious about preparing for the holidays.

That's where the Christmas Countdown comes in. Each autumn, I've watched--and written--as our collective online thoughts turned to the holidays. Some of the Countdown essays have been published online in various forums since 1993.

The Countdown isn't a trim and tidy system devised for a picture book family by an "expert" who was born color-coding her spice rack. It's not a plan for Christmas perfection or lavish Christmas excess. You won't astonish your critical sister-in-law, win an award for "Most Decorated House" or appear on "Good Morning America" with clever gift-wrap ideas if you follow this guide.

Instead, the Countdown is designed to ground readers in reality. It aims to bring you, day by day, closer to a calm, rewarding holiday season that celebrates your family beliefs and values.

Join us! You'll be in good company--to get organized for the holiday season!