Christmas Countdown Day 6: Start A Christmas Card List

christmas card list

Will you send holiday greetings to friends and family this year?

Lovely as the tradition can be, it takes more time than you think to select, address and send holiday cards or Christmas letters--and a haphazard approach to season’s greetings is a recipe for Christmas-card chaos.

Remind yourself of last year. Was the job of writing and addressing holiday greetings meaningful--or manic?

Between procrastination and failure to plan, too many of us find ourselves scrawling signatures late into the night, in a frantic dash to beat the postman to the mailbox. Next day, our eyes blur as we sort the incoming mail: did we remember to send a card to Aunt Kaye?

Not this year! Take charge of sending holiday cards and letters with a Christmas card list. Properly pruned, it'll let you home in on holiday greetings without the chaos.

To Do Today

Make a Christmas card list ...

The shortest route to stress-free seasonal greetings? Make a Christmas card list. Use lined blank paper, generate a list from your computer's contacts software, or print a free Christmas card list form to organize card chores..

A sustainable bonus? Our printable card list tracks records for four years, so you can fill it out once, use it through 2022. Sweet!

Placed behind the Christmas Cards divider in your Christmas planner, the Christmas card list holds address data, and tracks cards sent and received. It’s the place to assess and address Christmas greetings each year.

... and prune it!

Marking down names for Christmas cards or holiday letters, it’s easy to feel giddy. Stop! Make your list, check it twice, then prune it properly for seasonal simplicity.

Sending traditional Christmas cards can be a pricey proposition, in time and money. To bring the effort back to a reasonable level, scrutinize your card list with an eye to cutting back.

Do you need to send separate cards to family members who will receive a gift, too? Have card exchanges with folks from the old neighborhood dwindled to a perfunctory annual exchange? Is it truly necessary to send cards to neighbors?

Chances are, if you feel the time has come to drop the custom, the recipient feels the same way. Clarify the goals behind season’s greetings, then trim your list accordingly.

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The busy holiday season is the perfect time to rely on freezer cooking to keep the family fed. However you obtain them--whether from a freezer cooking session, purchased from the supermarket or from a visit to the meal assembly store--stockpiling a few freezer meals ahead of time is a proven stress-buster for the holiday season.

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