Christmas Countdown Day 37: Simplify Holiday Traditions!

Simplify Holiday Traditions

Here at the brink of the season, many of us find ourselves gasping for breath. Where did the time go--and are we ready?

Right about now, take a moment to consider your family's holiday traditions. Do they still fit, or have you outgrown them? Will each celebration add joy--or stress--to the season's celebrations?

Sure, take a critical eye, but also, take heart! Some of the most joyous holiday moments happen when you're off the clipboard, enjoying one another. Reach for them!

To Do Today

Complete all gift shopping and craft gifts. Wrap and mail send-away gifts by December 6.

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Simplifying holiday traditions? You'll do less and enjoy it more!

Simplify Holiday Traditions

Today's Recipe

candy cane cookies recipeBursting with the tastes of the season, Candy Cane Cookies are my eldest child's all-time favorite recipe! Melting, tender cookies shaped and colored like candy canes, Candy Cane Cookies are flavored with sparkles of crushed peppermint candy.

Candy Cane Cookies Recipe

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