Christmas Countdown Day 35: Catch-Up Weekend!

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It's coming, it's really coming ... it's here? Oh, NO! The Saturday after Thanksgiving can be a time of flagging motivation. How is it that, despite cooking for three solid days, the leftovers give out less than 48 hours after the Thanksgiving feast?

In spite of all the preparations, no one feels really prepared for the Christmas season to come--and after the Thanksgiving holiday, it's no longer possible to avoid the obvious. Here it comes!

It's natural enough when you think about it, but nobody expects to be a bit depressed at this point of the season. But for many of us, there's no "good enough" when it comes to the holiday season. No matter where we are, plans, prep or purchases, this is the week we feel the strain.

Have you made a Christmas planner, gotten organized for gifts and giving, and done more holiday prep than ever before--but still, you feel anxious?

Time to relax--with a catch-up weekend!

Here's the good news. First, you're not alone. Second, what you're feeling is normal. Third, it's going to go away. Judging from years of experience, lots of us enter a holiday slump right about now, but it's short-lived.

Think of it as being on a big, big toboggan at the top of the hill. The hill is the holiday season. This year, we've loaded all the things we're going to need onto the toboggan with us, and we're going to be thankful for all that work when we reach the bottom of the hill.

But right now? It's as if we're trembling on the brink, not really sure we're ready to careen our way to the bottom. "Have I done enough? Am I ready? Will everything go right?" runs through our mental Muzak.

Go ahead, shove off! It's the indecision that's causing the strain. Once we surrender to the season, start the ride down the hill, we'll settle back and enjoy it.

Ready? Reach for some holiday motivation. This weekend, do the things that jumpstart your holiday feeling. Play the special carols music. Bake the family cookie recipe. Take in a live performance at church.

Once you get rolling, you're going to enjoy the ride. Time to celebrate!

To Do Today

It's Catch-Up Weekend! Big cyber-sigh!

Whether it's gifts or decorating, cards or cooking, catch up on what needs doing to create an organized Christmas.

But be good to yourself! Lighten up the load and lighten your hearts, because we're almost there.

To Read Today

Putting up the Christmas tree spawns a snowfall of tiny parts: extra lights and fuses, ornament hooks and hangers. Even worse? These little items tend to go wandering. Never there when you need them, yet found all over the house during the first weeks of the New Year.

Keep these small necessities close at hand with a simple solution: an under-tree storage box. Wrapped like a holiday gift, it's a decorative way to corral Christmas tree clutter!

Christmas Clutter Cure: Under-Tree Storage Box

Today's Recipe

banana bread recipeThere's a reason this Banana-Nut Bread recipe has been loved for generations: taste! Not to mention that it does a great job of repurposing ripe bananas!

Bake in small loaves for holiday giving, storing the Banana Nut Bread in the freezer until ready to use. To freeze, wrap each loaf in plastic wrap, then place wrapped loaves in a freezer food storage bag.

Banana Nut Bread will stay fresh in the freezer for 4 to 6 weeks.

Banana-Nut Bread

Holiday Plans: