Christmas Countdown Day 30: Trap Ideas With A Tearfile

trap ideas with tear files

Been to the mailbox lately? If your house is anything like mine, the Christmas catalogs are here!

That's not to mention the holiday issues of my favorite magazines, which seem to dive into my supermarket shopping cart whenever I'm not looking.

Christmas magazines and catalogs are fabulous resources for seasonal decorating, gift ideas, and Christmas recipes—but en masse, they can become too much of a good thing.

When the piles avalanche from every side table, finding an article or a recipe that caught your eye a few weeks ago can be an impossible job.

How do you keep all that good information without being crushed by stacks or drowning in paper? Answer: a set of tear files. It's the "Pinterest" solution for old-school idea files.

To Do Today

Set up tear files for holiday inspiration

The low-tech equivalent of Pinterest, tear files are the place to tuck all those fleeting tips, recipes or decorating ideas that cross your path as you plan for the holidays.

Whether you set aside a group of page protectors in your Christmas planner, or invest in standard file folders, start trapping those good ideas today.

Over the years, holiday tear files become a rich resource of inspiration. Tap them to plan gift-giving, decor and holiday meals this year ... and in the years to come.

To Read Today

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Today's Recipe

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Small bags of snack mix, each ingredient of the Christmas Blessings Mix recipe reminds us of a holiday blessing.

Free printable gift tags make it easy to make multiple gifts for table favors, classroom gifts or Secret Santa exchanges, and share a holiday blessing!

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Holiday Plans: