Christmas Countdown Day 28: Baking Specialty

Baking Specialty

As Get Cooking Week comes to a close, we look ahead to next week's Thanksgiving feast--and the kick-off to the holiday season.

Today's assignments wrap up final Get Cooking chores, preparing for busy December evenings, gathering hospitality supplies, and contemplating ways to simplify baking.

With today's reading assignment, we share the secret for simplifying holiday baking chores: developing a "specialty".

A simple strategy to streamline the holiday cook-a-thon, a baking specialty saves time and stress in the holiday kitchen.

Finally, we finish the week by thinking ahead to upcoming Black Friday / Cyber Monday sales. Ready? Get organized ... for a great holiday season!

To Do Today

Feed the freezer

Will you be ready to feed the family fast next month? Stock up on frozen entrees, visit the meal assembly franchise or do a mini-freezer cooking session to put 5 to 10 pre-made entrees into the freezer.

Track holiday meals on a Freezer Inventory Page, and use these meals to save time on busy December evenings.

Prepare for drop-in visitors.

Collect hospitality supplies: cheeses, crackers, frozen desserts. Hide from hungry family members using creative labeling.

Begin tracking Black Friday/Cyber Monday specials

The four-day Thanksgiving weekend--and the first work day after the holiday--have become an important sales event in retail stores and online. Will you shop Black Friday or Cyber Monday sales?

If so, begin tracking prices and planning your shopping now. Organize shopping trips with a Black Friday sales planner to make it easier to score next week's bargains.

To Read Today

Beat the baking blues with our guide to easing holiday baking chores with a holiday specialty:

Save Time With Holiday Baking: Make it a Specialty!

Today's Recipe

biscotti recipeToday's reading assignment covers an old baker's secret: developing a "specialty" to streamline holiday baking chores.

So it's only fair that I share my own specialty: Cynthia Ewer's Tangy Tri-Cities Biscotti!

Many years ago, I was a newcomer to Washington State. With so many friends in other parts of the USA, I wanted to share some of the tastes of our new home.

These biscotti feature dried Washington cherries (you can substitute dried cranberries, too!) and local walnuts. Dipped in white chocolate, they're a tasty and elegant accompaniment to that other Washington State tradition, gourmet coffee.

Best, they're easy to make and easy to pack. Stand a few on end in a latte mug, add a small bag of gourmet coffee beans, and you've scored a quick Christmas cheat!

Cynthia Ewer's Tangy Tri-Cities Biscotti

To Print Today

Holiday Sales Planner

Holiday Plans: