Christmas Countdown Day 22: Get Cooking Week

ready for holiday cooking

Visited the supermarket recently? It's beginning to look a lot like Christmas!

With Thanksgiving Day coming soon in the USA, there's no better time to organize holiday meals, menus and baking. Welcome to Get Cooking week!

Assignments center on all things food at the Christmas Countdown this week. We'll clean and prepare food storage areas for the days ahead, plan holiday menus, stock the freezer and get organized for holiday baking.

Along the way, we'll learn ways to save on holiday meals and develop a baking specialty to save time in the holiday kitchen.

Tighten your corsets! We're going to Get Cooking ... for the most delicious holiday season ever!

To Do This Week

This week in the Christmas Countdown, we'll explore frugal strategies for holiday meals, plan holiday dinners, clean out our freezers and get the goods on those sneaky Grocery Guys. Ready to Get Cooking?

Get Cooking Week Assignments

To Do Today

Write and address one-fifth of Christmas Card List this week.

Make one-fourth of Gifts To Make this week.

To Read Today

Holiday meals can punch you right in the pocketbook. Save money on Thanksgiving dinner with these tips for frugal feasts:

Frugal Feast: Save Money on Holiday Meals

Today's Recipe

thanksgiving blessing mix poemThanksgiving is coming! It's time to count your blessings ... and share them, with Thanksgiving Blessings Mix, an easy-to-make snack mix!

A batch of Thanksgiving Blessings Mix packaged in small food storage bags makes a pretty Thanksgiving table favor, workplace gift or classroom treat. It's easy to make in multiples with free printable Blessings Mix gift tags and Blessings Mix bag toppers.

Blessings Mix Tutorial

Thanksgiving Blessing Mix Recipe

To Print Today

Get Cooking Week Checklist

Holiday Plans: