Christmas Countdown Day 2: Make A Christmas Planner

Printable Christmas Planner

Today in the Christmas Countdown, we introduce the tool of choice for organized holidays: a Christmas planner.

Whether you're new to the concept, or have been using one for years, your Christmas planner is about to become your new best friend in the days and weeks to come.

Your planner will be home to lists, notes, ideas, recipes, decor inspiration, receipts, menus, inventories and journal pages. It's your personal record of the planning, deciding and doing that goes into creating the Christmas of your dreams.

Form is less important than format. Cutting-edge cyber types track holiday planning with smartphone apps, while the crafty among us create lavish, lovely variations on the planner theme. Bullet journal enthusiasts doodle away their holiday plans.

But for many, the Christmas planner takes shape in a tried-and-true form: a simple 3-ring binder. To make it easy, you'll find scores of printable calendars, planning pages, forms and dividers to use to create your own Christmas planner in the.

Don't miss the tasty covers and spine inserts! They'll make it easy to create a planner notebook that brings a smile to your face each day of the Countdown.

Ready to dive in? It's all here, at Day Two of the Christmas Countdown!

To Do Today

Start (or find!) your Christmas planner

Easy to make and easier to use, a Christmas planner cuts through holiday clutter and keeps planning on track. Home to lists and recipes, calendars and gift ideas, this simple tool is the architect and source of a serene celebration.

How will you build your power tool for Christmas organizing? Browse the Christmas Printables library to jumpstart your holiday planner.

To Read Today

What's a Christmas planner, and how do I make one? Get organized for the holiday season with a D*I*Y holiday planner:

Simplify Your Holidays with a Christmas Planner

Today's Recipe

pumpkin spice cookie recipeCrisp nights, swirling leaves: it's fall! Time for a favorite seasonal taste treat from Cynthia's kitchen.

These soft, spicy pumpkin drop cookies are plump with raisins and set off with just the right browned butter glaze. They're sophisticated enough for the adult palate, but yummy enough for the youngsters:

Pumpkin Spice Cookies with Browned Butter Glaze

To Print Today

Christmas Countdown Divider Pages

Christmas Planner Covers

Christmas Planner Cover - Scrappy
Christmas Planner Spine - Scrappy
Christmas Planner Cover - Snowman
Christmas Planner Spine - Snowman
Christmas Planner Cover - Santa Hat
Christmas Planner Spine - Santa hat
Christmas Planner Cover
Christmas Planner Spine

Holiday Plans: