Christmas Countdown Day 12: Magazine Reality Check!

Christmas Magazines:  Handle With Care

When I visit the supermarket during the holiday season (which starts earlier and earlier each year), I don't hum along with the Muzak carols. The old tune "Secret Agent Man" runs through my head as I survey the front-line agents of Christmas Excess: Christmas magazines. They sneak into the racks in September, and by November, they're everywhere. Oh, the glowing turkeys and lavish gift wraps! Who can resist the cheery covers, the promised joys?

You can, that's who. Today, we take aim on the secret agents of Christmas overkill: Christmas magazines. Read them without a giant helping of skepticism, and you're well on the road to a chaotic, over-booked holiday season. Will you allow them to inflate your holiday expectations out of proportion? It's time for a reality check!

To Do Today

Get a Christmas magazine reality check

If there's a single factor that creates more ambivalence, stress, and anxiety at the holidays than any other, it's Christmas publications. Visit any retail outlet, and you'll see them everywhere: selling the notion of an overblown holiday celebration.

Their insouciant air persuades far too many folks to go overboard at the holidays. Whether food, gifts or traditions, the Christmas magazine is a wellspring of consumer excess. Believe what they're selling, and you're practically guaranteed a stress-filled, anxious holiday season.

Yes, Christmas magazines can be wonderful resources for gift ideas, decor inspiration and holiday recipes. Just be careful!

Today's essay, The Secret Life of Christmas Magazines, exposes the over-consumption forces hidden behind the magazine.

A good reality check will let you use these resources with them using you!

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The Secret Life of Christmas Magazines

Today's Recipe

haystacks recipeLooking for a super-simple, no-beat candy recipe for Christmas giving?

Chocolate-y mounds of tender coconut, whole-grain oats and chopped nuts, Gramps' Goodies are usually known as Haystacks. But in our house, Cynthia's grandfather, Gramps Miller, made 'em, so Gramps named 'em!

Easy to make, they'll bring a crunchy taste of rich chocolate to holiday cookie trays.

Haystacks Recipe

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