Christmas Countdown Day 10: Schedule Self-Care for Healthy Holidays

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What's the secret to cutting holiday stress? Stay healthy!

On December 26th, ask any wife and mother how she's feeling. If she's honest, she'll probably say, "Tired!" Along with the excitement and bustle of the holidays comes another factor: stress and fatigue.

Parties, events, and too many late nights cooking, making and wrapping can take a toll on even the healthiest. Add seasonal stressors like rich foods, alcohol, family gatherings and winter travel, and you've got a recipe for post-Christmas depression.

Solution? Before the height of the season, reinforce good health habits and schedule self-care for healthy holidays ... and beyond.

To Do Today

Schedule self-care and reinforce daily health habits to cut holiday stress.

Even the most dedicated fitness buff may find healthy routines take a tumble during the holidays. Today, take action to protect your healthy habits from the seasonal onslaught.

Pencil gym sessions or exercise classes into the holiday calendar, and make time for daily de-stressing activities like dog-walking, meditation or needlework. Look for healthy alternatives to holiday treats, and be mindful of diet changes as the season settles in.

Sound complex? Then try this simple 5-10-15 minimum daily reminder to maintain good health during the holiday season:

Take 5 ... servings of fruits and vegetables. Add 10 ... minutes of quiet time to reduce stress. Combine with 15 ... minutes of gentle aerobic exercise.

It's a quick and easy recipe for holiday health!

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Today's Recipe

bean soup mix in a jarThis hearty, delicious Confetti Bean Soup recipe makes a pretty layered gift in a jar. Dried beans stay fresh for months, so you can make this holiday gift-in-a-jar weeks in advance of the holiday season.

Our recipe makes 12 jar gifts, and we make it easy with free printable gift tags:

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Holiday Plans: