Christmas Countdown: Get Organized for the Holiday Season

Christmas Countdown 2019
Six Weeks to an Organized Christmas

What do you really want for Christmas? More time, more joy, and less stress? Welcome to the Christmas Countdown! We're kicking off the 2020 Countdown on Sunday, October 25.

A calmer, more centered holiday celebration is easy when you simplify your holidays with the Christmas Countdown, a six-week Christmas organizing plan from Organized Christmas.

The Christmas Countdown is a free six-week Christmas organizing workshop from Organized Christmas. Written by author and Web publisher Cynthia Ewer, the Countdown has been online since 1998. Tested by hundreds of thousands of families like yours, it's a tried-and-true road map for an organized Christmas.

Countdown assignments, spread over six weeks, simplify the job of getting ready for Christmas. By breaking down Christmas preparation into small, easy-to-take steps, the Countdown gives you a holiday headstart for a stress-free Christmas season. We'll cover gift lists, cooking, decorating and fun--and you'll be ready for Christmas with time to spare.

Get the Plan

During the Christmas Countdown, we'll follow a six-week organization plan from late October until early December. Goal: to complete holiday planning and preparations by the first weekend in December so we're free to celebrate an organized Christmas.

Six Weekly Themes

Each week has a special theme to focus Christmas organizing. Grouping tasks makes them easier to complete--and to simplify!

Working week by week, we'll zero in on gift-giving, take charge of holiday budgets, organize Christmas cards, plan holiday meals and decorate for the holidays.

Free printable checklists make it easy to follow each week's assignments.

Print A Free Christmas Planner

Over the course of the Countdown, you can choose from more than 100 free printable forms, calendars and checklists to build a personal Christmas planner. Disguised as a simple three-ring binder, your Countdown planner is the premier toolkit for holiday planning. It'll be your companion and guide to an organized Christmas--this year, and in the years to come.

Daily Reminders

Each day during the Countdown, we'll post reminder messages to keep you on-track for Christmas organizing. Daily messages bring a dose of inspiration, the day's assignments, links to checklists and printable holiday planner forms, along with recipe, gift and craft ideas for a jolly holiday.

We've made it easy to keep up with the Countdown. Follow the daily Countdown messages on the Web at daily Countdown messages. You can also subscribe to the Countdown RSS feed, or receive our feed through Google's Feedburner service: subscribe to the Countdown feed by email.

Want company? Join friends and work the Countdown together with our new Facebook community: Christmas Countdown Get Organized Community. Chat, ideas, support and inspiration await ... along with lots of fun.

Ready? Join the fun as we count down ... to the best, most organized Christmas you've ever had!