Holiday Grand Plan

Holiday Grand Plan Calendar and Checklists

Free printable holiday planner for an organized Christmas

Ready to get organized for Christmas with the Holiday Grand Plan? Our whole-house Christmas organizing plan kicks off on Sunday, August 30!

Print these Holiday Grand Plan calendar pages to prepare for the holiday season with the Web's oldest Christmas organizing plan. Week by week the Holiday Grand Plan will take you closer to your goal: a clean and organized home for Christmas.    Read More >>

Holiday Grand Plan Week 18: New Years

December 29, 2019 - January 4, 2020

It's New Year's week at the Holiday Grand Plan!

We'll record Christmas memories, prepare for New Year's celebrations, and begin to look ahead to a new start in the new year.


After the holiday, the Holiday Grand Plan sees us into an organized New Year. Putting home and holiday to bed for the winter wraps up the holiday celebration, and energizes us for the challenges of a new year.    Read More >>

Holiday Grand Plan Week 17: Celebrate

December 22 - December 28, 2019

Welcome to Week Seventeen, Celebrate Week in the Holiday Grand Plan!

Nearly there! This week, finish up any last-minute chores as we enter the height of the holiday season and prepare to celebrate.

Only minimum maintenance needed in this last Maintenance Week before Christmas.

Using freezer meals will save time on busy nights--and stockpiled holiday goodies make it easy to give and share.    Read More >>

Holiday Grand Plan Week 16: Maintenance

December 15 - December 21, 2019

Christmas is on the horizon and the season has begun with a bang: it's Maintenance Week at the Holiday Grand Plan!

Week Sixteen of the Holiday Grand Plan should see holiday preparations coming to an end--and a clean and organized home, ready for the celebration.

In holiday prep, we'll decorate the Christmas tree--and make life easy by using some of our freezer meals!    Read More >>

Holiday Grand Plan Week 15: Finish-Up

December 8 - December 14, 2019

We're finished ... maybe. That's why Week Fifteen, Finish-Up Week, is devoted to finish-up tasks at the Holiday Grand Plan.

It's now or never, and the season is here. In the house, we'll tend to any un-done chores, bonus areas, or final preparations.

In holiday prep, the season enters full swing this week. We'll finish mailing packages and cards, and prepare for the final stretch to the holiday.    Read More >>

Holiday Grand Plan Week 13: Dining Room

November 24 - November 30, 2019

Deadline week! Week Thirteen, Dining Room Week, sees us move into the holiday season, and it's time for a reality check at the Holiday Grand Plan!

Thanksgiving Day falls on Thursday for our American friends and ushers in the holiday season, so this week's cleaning and organizing focus is the dining room. Holiday prep chores center on Thanksgiving and turn to planning the celebration ahead.    Read More >>

Holiday Grand Plan Week 12: Attic

November 17 - November 23, 2019

Cooler weather makes it easy to check and organize the attic and storage areas during Attic Week at the Holiday Grand Plan!

No attic? Use this week to work on undone tasks, or to tackle a bonus area in the home.

We continue to move toward Thanksgiving in holiday prep, preparing to set a pretty holiday table. Are you working on holiday gifts?    Read More >>

Holiday Grand Plan Week 11: Garage

November 10 - November 16, 2019

Work gloves ready? It's time to tackle garage storage areas, this week in the Holiday Grand Plan!

The waning days of Autumn are a good time to rout out household storage areas, so we're ready to access extra tables, chairs and seasonal decorations. Cooler--but not yet cold--weather eases the job, and we'll feel good knowing that storage areas are clean and prepared for winter cold.

In holiday prep, we look ahead to the Thanksgiving meal, and see to the family's holiday clothing.    Read More >>

Holiday Grand Plan Week 10: Family Room

November 3 - November 9, 2019

Moving into the heart of the household, it's Family Room Week Holiday Grand Plan!

The family room is the heart of the home, and never more so than during the holiday season. We'll clean and organize this central area of family life as we begin to think ahead to holiday visitors.

In holiday prep, we'll celebrate Halloween, then recycle autumn decorations to look forward to Thanksgiving. Keep working on those gifts!

Ready? Let's get organized with the Holiday Grand Plan!    Read More >>