Seeing Stars for Christmas in July!

Seasonal merchandise score!

Here at OC, we know that post-holiday sales are the best time to find deep discounts on the things we use to celebrate holidays all around the year.

What's even sweeter? Repurposing one holiday's clearance finds into the next holiday's celebration.

I have a modest example here:

As far as Wal-Mart is concerned, these are Star Salad Bowls for Independence Day. Since the merchant doesn't want to store them until next June, they've been given a new home in the clearance aisle--and priced to sell.

When I met them, I recognized them for what they will be: star-shaped bowls for Christmas cookie trays. Since I usually prepare gifts for nearly 40 of my husband's employees, I'm always on the look-out for inexpensive gift bag options.

Picking up this lightweight little star bowl, I saw it heaped high with holiday cookies, wrapped in cellophane and decorated with ribbon and a bright gift tag.

So can you blame me if 40 of the little critters followed me home ... for a dollar apiece?

It was a match made, well, under the stars!

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