My Holiday Secret: Yard Sale Finds

I brake for yard sales!

I like yard sales. Don't get me wrong, I'm not passionate about them, but if I'm out and about on a Saturday morning, my little blue car, Violet Blueberry, has been known to point her wheels to the curb and refuse to move forward whenever we pass a likely-looking sale.

Most of all, I like yard sales when it comes to holiday gifts and giving ... and saving money on Christmas. Other people's clutter can be a treasure trove of basket containers, holiday ornaments, and crafts materials.

Looking at my gift closet stash, I realized that the past month has been a bonanza for holiday yard sale finds. In just three weeks, I've scored:

  • Seventeen children's Christmas books. Discovered at a teacher's retirement yard sale, they're more than half of what I'll need to give my grandsons a "book Advent calendar" this year. Once I find 25 books, I'll wrap them in inexpensive Christmas gift wrap and tuck them in a pretty square basket. Beginning on December 1st, the boys will select, open and read one book each day to count down to Christmas.
  • One pretty bone china cup and saucer. I've been reading about teacup candles, and was hoping to find a colorful teacup to make a prototype. Look for an article upcoming at Organized Christmas about this easy way to create a pretty gift from recycled china.
  • Just for me: a retired Boyd's Bear named Henson. What can I say? If you're a bear-lover like I am, you make eye contact with a yard sale bear at your own risk. Henson is a reproduction of an early teddy bear, in perfect condition--and he's enjoying settling in with his pal Perry Bear Ewer. During the holidays, he'll join the rest of the Ewer bear family down by the Christmas tree, a bright holiday bow tied around his neck.
  • Basket basics. Gift assortments just look better tucked into a nice basket--and I was lucky to find several good contenders for a dime apiece. I love the way baskets can be recycled and used again and again. If only they could talk, what Christmas tales would they tell?

August. I love it when I leave this month with the gift closet bulging! So do tell ... what are your favorite yard sale holiday finds?

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