Welcome to my Halloween home!

Welcome!  My Front Door.

October's winding down; it's time to invite you into my house for Halloween! Here's what you'll see if you come Trick-or-Treating on Saturday night!

The heart of our home is the family room. It's one of my favorite places, and never more so than in the autumn. Year round, it's the place where we display an art collection, watch television, and read books.

In summer, the family room can get a little bit lonely; we spend long, warm summer evenings on the deck just outside. The fireplace is dark, and my favorite fireside chair rarely has a visitor.

But once cold weather moves in, so do we!    Read More >>

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Boo! In Which I Surprise My Neighbors

Make no mistake: I love holiday traditions.

To wit, I love them so much that if it weren't for the fact that I've lived in my current neighborhood for 13 years--and my neighbors know me well--I'd be considered a suspicious person, and need the intervention of law enforcement.

What's the problem? My newest neighbors haven't yet found their Halloween BOO basket yet!

What else would have a 54-year-old grandmother making multiple, unprecedented trips to the corner to see whether or not the BOO basket had been claimed?    Read More >>

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