Decor Storage Solution: Holidays on Wheels!

There comes a time--and for me, it's at age 54--when your heart's desires and your body's demands come into conflict. To wit: I have a great love of decorating for seasonal holidays ... but I live in a three story house and my baby-boomer knees have begun to rebel at the seasonal tramp up and down stairs.

Solution: holidays on wheels!

Last month, son Webmaster Ryan and I tackled a long-envisioned project: routing out all the boxes and bins of holiday decorations, and organizing them on wheeled storage units. Parked in a row in the garage, the "holidays on wheels" units can be rolled out to the front door when it's time to decorate--and rolled right back again, when it's time to put away the holiday decor.

Over three or four days, we dragged out the boxes and bins, centerpieces and wreaths, Santas and trees from their home in the basement storage area. It was a big job, and I have to admit, even Miss Holiday Thing here was a bit astounded at just how much holiday decor was hiding in all those nooks and crannies.

The 9-foot tree, complete with rolling stand and zipper storage sleeve. The enormous Santa figures (and the medium ones and the small ones; Santa's my homeboy, okay?). The stacks of storage boxes for ornaments and garlands, lights and stockings. The 22 pots of poinsettias that march themselves up our foyer staircase.

Even our dogs get into the holiday spirit, I regret to add. There is a special Dog Tree for the family room, dog stockings, dog Santa hats, and how could a Westie owner pass by the Dog Nativity that featured a Westie pup in the role of Baby Jesus?

Appalling or not, we stacked it up, measured it, and Ryan set to work. Using rolling wire shelving units from our local Costco, Ryan built three units with the right shelf heights to house trees, boxes and storage bins. A half-size cart took care of our smaller set of autumn, Halloween and Thanksgiving decorations ... and I can see that I need to start working a bit harder on Easter decor!

Finally, a handful of four-penny nails created out-of-the-way storage for wreaths. Banged into the side of a ceiling beam, the nails hold seasonal wreaths up and out of harm's way. Clear plastic garbage bags protect the delicate decorations but allow a view; we also tucked small trees and tabletop arrangements into clear bags for safe storage.

Ready to decorate for autumn? With holidays on wheels, it'll be as easy as wheeling the boxes right to the front door. My knees will thank me!

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