Cut the Crazy: Choose a Holiday Plan

Ready for Christmas
Road Map to an Organized Christmas

What's the best road to calm and joyous holidays? It's all about the plan!

Preparing for Christmas with the help of a step-by-step plan makes quick work of seasonal chores, and leaves plenty of time, energy--and money!--to celebrate the season.

Here at Organized Christmas, we're home to the Web's oldest holiday plans: the Christmas Countdown and the Holiday Grand Plan. We're also bringing you two newer plans for Christmas organizing: the House & Holidays Plan and the Rudolph Club.

Which plan is right for you? Check out these options to get ready for a stress-free Christmas:

Christmas Countdown

Published on the Web since 1998, the Christmas Countdown is a classic Christmas-only holiday organizing plan. Over six weeks, the Countdown takes you from holiday zero to Christmas sixty, breaking down seasonal chores into easy-to-complete weekly assignments.

Written by home organization author, Cynthia Ewer , the Countdown is for those who want to prepare for the holidays without a lot of cleaning or organizing. It's a "just the holiday stuff" plan designed to let you cruise into December prepared and ready to celebrate!

House & Holidays Plan

Dreaming of celebrating the Christmas season in a clean and organized home? Try the House & Holidays Plan!

Written by organizing author, Cynthia Ewer, the HHP is a week-by-week roadmap to clean and organize the whole house by December, while preparing for the holiday season in good time. Beginning on Labor Day weekend, the HHP takes you area-by-area through the home, where you'll cut the clutter, clean and organize with weekly assignments designed to be do-able, not overwhelming. Along the way, you'll learn skills to keep clutter at bay, cut cleaning chores and bring better organization to the home front.

Along with cleaning chores, each week's assignments include a few holiday prep tasks. Breaking holiday preparations down into small steps makes it easier to celebrate without last-minute stress. Linking each week's area focus with corresponding holiday prep chores--such as inventorying holiday table linens during Bed and Bath week--helps keep the plan focused and realistic.

Choose the HHP if you're hoping to move from cluttered to calm on the home front. You'll improve household routines, cut clutter, and prepare for the season week-by-week ... to be ready for Christmas!

101 Days to Christmas

The idea of a "plan" sound too regimented and rigid for you? Try the daily reminders from 101 Days to Christmas. Written by editor Cynthia Ewer, these daily Christmas planning tips begin on September 15, and take you to and through the holiday season.

Daily gentle reminders bring holiday planning to mind without rigid schedules and official "plans". Will they fit your organizing style?

101 Days to Christmas

Rudolph Club

The Rudolph Club offers a monthly option for those who want to prepare for the holiday season throughout the year. Organized by members of the Organized Christmas community, the Rudolph Club meets on the 25th of each month. By tackling one holiday chore per month, members spread the work--and expense--of the season over the year. Sharing makes it fun!

Holiday Grand Plan

Written by Katie Leckey (with lots of help from the 1993 Prodigy Homelife-Get O community), the Holiday Grand Plan incorporates holiday chores into an 18-week whole-house cleaning plan. Online for over 20 years, the HGP has many devoted followers who work together on mailing lists and message boards to get ready for Christmas.

Beginning in late August, this plan is for those who hope to celebrate the season in a clean and organized home--and are willing to work hard to get there.

Weekly cleaning and organizing assignments move room by room through the house, while holiday preparations are spread out throughout the plan. If you don't mind beginning in August, and are willing to deep-clean and organize your way around the house, the Holiday Grand Plan is for you!

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