Holiday Grand Plan

Holiday Grand Plan 2014
Get Organized for Christmas!

You've decided: this is the year you'll celebrate the holiday season from a home that is clean, organized and ready for Christmas.

You dream of holiday parties, overnight house guests, Christmas cookies, a decorated home and a calm and stress-free holiday season.

There's only one problem: right now, you're living in domestic chaos. Looking around your home, you don't know where to begin.

Cluttered counters, crammed closets and out-of-place possessions pile up everywhere. Dust bunnies and ceiling cobwebs announce that deep-cleaning is long over-due, and the guest room? Forget about it! It's home to moving boxes, unfinished crafts and last winter's stained jackets and unmatched mittens.

Week-by-Week to Organized Holidays

To have the holiday of your dreams, you need more than just a gift list and good intentions: you need the Holiday Grand Plan, a tried and tested roadmap to Christmas in a clean and organized home.

Written by Katie Leckey with contributions from the Prodigy Homelife Get O group in 1992-1993, the HGP is the Web's oldest Christmas organizing plan.

By breaking down all the tasks needed to clean and organize the house and prepare for the holidays, and dividing them into weekly assignments, the HGP will help you reach the season calm, centered and ready to celebrate from a clean and organized home.

With many active HGP communities online on the Web, you'll have lots of company as you prepare for Christmas! Follow the Plan Facebook or Twitter, or join a Holiday Grand Plan mailing list or message board. Social networking makes it easy to find HGP friends ... and fun!

Holiday Grand Plan 2014 begins on Sunday, August 31, and continues throughout the holiday season.

Celebrate Clean and Serene

Based on Katie's companion Cleaning Grand Plan, the Holiday Grand Plan combines holiday prep, home organizing and cleaning components. Each week, the Plan focuses on one room or area.

Weekly holiday prep assignments take care of holiday chores as the Plan travels through the autumn weeks.

Along the way, you'll make a Christmas planner to simplify your holidays.

Free printable checklists and calendars make it easy to plan your progress and organize each week's goals.

Holiday Grand Plan 2014 kicks off on August 31, 2014, so join us!

Browse each week's assignments using the links below: