Save on Decor: Frugal Holiday Decorating Tips

Frugal Holiday Decorating

Think theme--and spread the word

Choosing a personal theme for Christmas decor not only makes decorating meaningful and fun, but gives others a head-start on gift-giving. Building a stock of holiday decor around a theme is easy when you spread the word!

My mother, Texas-born, decorates her home in a Southwestern motif. Finding a Christmas gift for Mom is as easy as buying a string of chili-pepper lights or tiny bottle of Tabasco.

(And for Mother's Day, who can forget the garage-sale find of a lighted Lone Star Beer sign? Don't laugh--she loves it!)

Whether it's angels or Santa or gingerbread or your home town football team, choosing a theme can simplify decorating decisions. Tell the world, and you'll find your decor given to you!

It's bazaar

Don't neglect local craft fairs or holiday bazaars as a source of inexpensive Christmas decorations. Most items are reasonably priced, and generally, the proceeds go to a good cause. Support your local crafters and save!

Look to the kitchen

Food and decor intersect at Christmas time--and never more happily than when the whole family gets in on the fun. Build a gingerbread house with the children. No matter how crooked the walls or droopy the roof, you?ll have created a centerpiece--and memories.

Use a soda straw to punch holes in cookies; string a ribbon through the holes and hang your creations on the tree. Even such simple touches as a bowl of nuts on the table serves the holiday decor scheme

Holiday decorating. It can be beautiful, lively and fun--and frugal. Practice these frugal decor strategies . . . and save money on holiday decorating!

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