St. Patrick's Gifts & Crafts

Make A Jiffy Pop® Popcorn Topper for St. Patrick's Day

St Patrick's Day Popcorn Topper

Bring a tasty touch to the Wearin' O' The Green: a St. Patrick's Day Jiffy Pop Popcorn Topper!

Add our free printable template to a package of Jiffy Pop® brand pop-in-pan popcorn for an inexpensive "popcorn topper" craft gift. Your wee leprechaun will pop for joy!

How To Make Jiffy Pop® Popcorn Toppers

Leprechaun Poop: St. Patricks Day Gag Gift

Leprechaun Poop Gift Tag

Faith and begorrah! What's the greenest gag gift for St.Patrick's Day? Leprechaun Poop!

Inexpensive and easy to make, Leprechaun Poop is a great gift for workplace friends, neighbors or youth groups.

To make Leprechaun Poop, place a handful of Lucky Charms brand cereal, green jelly beans or candy mints in a small zipper food storage bag.

Seal the bag and add a printable gift tag or add a hand-written tag using the poem below.