Witches Brew: Spooky Halloween Drink Mix

Witches Brew in a Cauldron

It's simple and sweet, a Halloween treat: Witches' Brew!

Combining apple cider drink mix, Halloween candy treats and a free printable gift tag, Witches Brew is easy to make and give.

Use small black salsa bowls from the Dollar Store to make Witches Brew in a Cauldron, or use creative packet-folding and a licorice rope "broomstick" to make broom-shaped Witches Brew packets.

Add free printable gift tags or bag toppers to make an easy Halloween craft.

Add Witches Brew to Halloween BOO baskets, share with co-workers or make it in multiples for Halloween party favors.


To make Witches Brew in a Cauldron, you'll need:

  • Individual packets of spiced cider mix
  • Gummi-brand candy worms
  • Black salsa bowls from the Dollar Store
  • Printable gift tag

Ingredients for Witches Brew in a Caldron

For each broom-shaped packet of Witches Brew, you'll need:

  • Individual packet of spiced cider mix
  • Twizzlers-brand licorice candy
  • Gummi-brand candy worms
  • Seasonal candies--pumpkins, candy corn, mallocreme mix--for decoration
  • Clear plastic treat bag or food storage bag
  • Printable gift tag

Witches brew ingredients

Directions for Witches Brew in a Cauldron

Place cider packets and gummi worms in small black salsa bowl. (We got ours at the Dollar Store!)

Filling the Witches Brew Cauldron

Wrap cauldron with cellophane or plastic wrap. Tie with ribbon or raffia. Attach printable gift tag to complete the gift.

Witches Brew in a Cauldron

Directions for Witches Brew Broom Packets

For each packet of Witches' Brew, turn down top corners of drink mix packet, forming a broom shape.

On the back side, tape a wrapped Twizzlers-brand licorice stick so that it extends over the top of the drink packet like a broomstick.

Witches Brew instructions

Place the drink packet "broomstick" inside a clear plastic treat bag or food storage bag. Add Gummi-brand worms and seasonal candy decorations to the treat bag.

Secure bag with ribbon or raffia. Attach a printable gift tag or bag topper, or create your own tag using the poem below.

Witches Brew Drink Mix

Witches' Brew Poem

by Cynthia Ewer

When Autumn leaves begin to fly,
A Harvest Moon shines full and high.
Cold wind chills you to the bone?
Do what spooks have always known!

Grab a cauldron (or a cup!)
Add mix and water, stir it up.
Garnish with a worm or two:
A warming cup of Witches' Brew!

Witches Brew Poem Copyright © 2009 by Cynthia Ewer. All Rights Reserved.

Printable Gift Tags

Witches Brew Gift Tags - Cute
Witches Brew Gift Tags - Blue
Witches Brew Gift Tags - Moon
Witches Brew Bag Topper

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