Child's Journal in a Jar: Easy Gift in a Jar

Child's Journal in a Jar

Spark young writers with a clever non-food gift in a jar: a Child's Journal Jar. Simple, kid-friendly questions turn journaling sessions into fun! This printable gift in a jar makes a great gift for back to school.

We've made it easy to craft your Child's Journal Jar. Free printable journaling prompts include colorful legends and graphics to make a pretty gift. Add a free printable gift tag to your Journal in a Jar for a professional touch.

To assemble your Child's Journal Jar, print the colorful journaling prompt pages linked below. Each page holds six colorful journal prompts.

Cut apart each journal prompt, and fold it so that the colored graphics are folded to the outside, with the journal assignment on the inside.

Fill the jar with journal slips, and attach the free printable gift tag for a great gift for kids!

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Printable Journaling Prompts

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