Make a Gingerbread House!

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4. Assemble the Gingerbread House

Squeeze Bottles
Time to build your house! As a first step, ask an adult to use a knife to trim any bumpy edges on your gingerbread house pieces. The pieces will fit better if they are smooth.

Starting with one side wall, squeeze a line of melted bark coating on the base. Make the line as long as the wall, then stand the wall in the coating.

Have a helper hold the wall upright while you add one of the front or back pieces. Squeeze a line of bark coating where the front/back piece will stand, then add a line of bark coating along the edge of the side wall, where the walls will touch. Settle the front/back piece gently into the bark coating. Hold the pieces for 3 minutes, until they stay upright without help.

Next, add the remaining side and front/back walls the same way: by squirting a line of bark coating on the base and on the sides of each piece, and gently standing them into place. When all four walls are standing, add more bark coating to any corner that has a gap or a hole. Let the walls rest for 3 to 5 minutes before you add the roof.

Roofs are tricky! Squeeze a generous line of bark coating along all the upper edges of the walls. Add a line of bark coating along the top edge of one of the roof pieces, and set the roof gently in place. Ask a helper to hold the first roof piece while you add the second. Add extra bark coating to the top where the roof pieces meet, and hold the roof on until the bark coating hardens.

decorate a gingerbread house

5. Decorate the Gingerbread House

You did it! The gingerbread house has been built, and is ready to decorate. Use your imagination to add candy and color to your house.

Dots of bark coating anchor rows of candies to the roof to make shingles. Line up a row of gumdrops along the top of the roof.

Candy canes can stand alongside corners of the house. Use a small red candy for a doorknob, or add a green candy wreath to the front door.

Make icicles by squirting a little puddle of bark coating on the edge of the roof and pulling down sharply with the squeeze bottle. An "icicle" will drip down.

Use square candies as window shutters, or add "snow" to the corners of windows and doors. Shake colored sugar over fresh melted bark coating to decorate roof or walls. You will know what to do to make a pretty house.

6. Finishing Touches

When your house is finished, decorate the rest of your base or tray. Spread coating on the base in the form of a little path to the door, then add colored sugar for a pathway.

Shake mini-marshmallows over the surface of the base to make "snow". Stand a small candy cane upright in a gumdrop, and glue it to the tray with bark coating. It can hold a tiny paper sign with your name.

Printable Gingerbread House Templates

Gingerbread House Template 1
Gingerbread House Template 2

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