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My Holiday Secret: Yard Sale Finds

I brake for yard sales!

I like yard sales. Don't get me wrong, I'm not passionate about them, but if I'm out and about on a Saturday morning, my little blue car, Violet Blueberry, has been known to point her wheels to the curb and refuse to move forward whenever we pass a likely-looking sale.

Most of all, I like yard sales when it comes to holiday gifts and giving ... and saving money on Christmas. Other people's clutter can be a treasure trove of basket containers, holiday ornaments, and crafts materials.

Looking at my gift closet stash, I realized that the past month has been a bonanza for holiday yard sale finds. In just three weeks, I've scored:    Read More >>

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Dog Days - A Webmistress's Holiday Tradition

Yesterday was a scorcher here in eastern Washington state. We're in what we call the "dog days"; the two-week period bridging July and August where we traditionally see the year's hottest weather.

For me, it was a dog day of a different sort: a busy Monday made even busier by the need to take a sick dog to the vet. Not to worry about little Dicksie--she'll be fine--but the waiting around in the exam room did give me a nice chance to think about a unique holiday tradition of my own: spending the dog days of summer working on the Organized Christmas web site.    Read More >>

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Seeing Stars for Christmas in July!

Seasonal merchandise score!

Here at OC, we know that post-holiday sales are the best time to find deep discounts on the things we use to celebrate holidays all around the year.

What's even sweeter? Repurposing one holiday's clearance finds into the next holiday's celebration.    Read More >>

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Welcome to my Holiday Blog!

Welcome to my new holiday blog; I'm so glad to see you!

For those who don't know me, my name is Cynthia Ewer--and I'm owner and editor of Organized Christmas, and author of the resources, articles and printables published at this site, as well as the book Houseworks: How to Live Clean, Green and Organized At Home and the upcoming title, The Complete Idiot's Guide to Getting Organized Fast-Track.

Don't be fooled! While the title "editor" sounds grand, this is a one-person operation. That means I'm also the sysadmin, webmaster and the poor peon who gets to answer all the crankypants e-mails for the site.

But I get by with a little help from my friends!    Read More >>

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