Adult Journal in a Jar: Easy Gift to Print

Journal in a a Jar

Looking for an easy, interesting holiday gift? It's a journal in a jar!

Jumpstart journal writers with a quart-sized canning jar filled with folded strips of paper. Each one contains a single thought provoking journal prompt. Paired with a pretty blank book, a Journal Jar makes a great gift.

We've made it easy to craft your Journal Jar. Free printable journal prompts have colorful legends and graphics to make a pretty gift. Add a free printable gift tag for a professional touch.

Alphabet Soap Recipe

Alphabet Soap

Splish-splash! A special child's name embedded in a bar of clear soap makes bath time fun for little ones. Pre-cut foam shapes make it easy.

More ideas? Add holiday messages to soaps for the guest room. For a "lady of the manor" touch, create personalized soaps with monograms or the family name for guest baths.

Makes 2 4-ounce bars.

Tips for Successful Soap-Making

Tips for Soap-Making

Ready to make melt-and-pour soap?

Keep these tips in mind for soap success.

They'll help take you from newbie to master crafter in short order.

Try a Kit

Brand-new to soap craft? Try a kit! Soap-making kits contain everything you'll need to create your first projects. They're usually a bit less expensive than purchasing components separately, and they can teach you the ins and outs of a new craft quickly.


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